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Storm Damage Repair: Roofing, Windows, Seamless Gutters, Siding, and Minor Painting. Remodeling: From Drywall Finishing to Cabinet Building.

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About Taufs LLC

     What does Taufs mean? The word taufs sounded cool to the founder of the company when his daughter at the age of about two years old made up the word and said it quite often, so it was in about 2011 that the founder of Taufs LLC added to his to-do list the eventual formation of a company named Taufs. Taufs LLC was formed in May 2013 and it registered the assumed name One Stop Roof and Fence.

     The company operates mainly as a roofing contractor and mostly in the State of Texas. While Texas leaves it up to local governments to regulate contractors and up to private entities to judge the validity of their choice roofing contractors, many contractors in Texas operate with no insurance. Taufs chooses to protect our employees under a workers compensation insurance policy and our customers, 3rd party properties, and passersby under a general liability insurance policy. Texas does not licence roofing contractors; however, Taufs does hold a specialty Roofing Contractor’s licence in the state of New Mexico and a General Contractor’s licence in Utah.

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